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we haven't learned to eat our conscience yet. [25 Feb 2005|04:07pm]

lately i have been bored as shit. i went to taste of chaos like on wednesday with kiran and betsy. betsy and me got stuck in front of these like really wierd guys. so we tried to move them, that didn't work. but yeah anyways. i'm so freaking bored. i'm at rachel's right now with tyler, firas, &sarah. i think that i'm going to go to ultrazone tonight to hang out with andrew, hunter and shawn. that'd be sweet. hmmm.. everyone in this house are all doing stuff downstairs and i'm in rachel's room just chillen, listening to downtown singapore. i think dennis is coming up next saturday so that should be fun. hm.. ohhh yeah so i went to go get my hair layered the other day and the guy didn't do much to change it and so i cut it when i got home. and now firas and tyler are over my shoulders telling me that i have no life. that's nice. fuck you.


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WEEWOOWEEWOO [06 Feb 2005|01:25pm]

wuddup gangstas? ahh this weekend was most defiently good. anyways, so on friday night i went over to dennis' at like uhhh 900 or something and we just hung out and went out to dinner. then we went back to his house and just hung out some more. then i went to sleep and woke up around 930 or something. then we went out to breakfast with his dad and that was good. then we went and saw 'boogeyman' which by the way, FUCKING SUCKED. then we went and rented 'freddy vs. jason'. that was a really bad movie as well. then we just watched a bunch of others movies, 'airheads' 'billy madison' &'jay and silent bob'. then i fell asleep and so did dennis and we didn't wake up for a long time. and i then i went upstairs and went to sleep. dennis came upstairs at like 545 and fell asleep in my bed. haha nothing happened i swear. and he didn't wake up until HIS MOM WOKE CAME AND SAW HIM IN MY BED! haha so then he got a yelling and i just went back to sleep for a few hours and woke up around 830. then i went into dennis' car and his mom drove us to kings dominion. my mom picked me up and then i left. not being able to see dennis for about another month or so... ahh i love him.


won't update cuz i wont be online. PAYCE.


[13 Jan 2005|04:08pm]
i won't be on the computer until about the end of the school year due to some "school isues".. ugh.. i might update while i'm at a friends, so keep looking for me.

SOURNEONWORMS !!! [01 Jan 2005|02:15pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

so lately nothing has been going on. dennis came on tuesday and we hung out a lot because i love him. we watched all 18 episodes of freaks and geeks in my basement. tuesday gil and emily came over to hang out with me and him. gil approves of dennis 7+. that's good. emily thinks he is hot. and i agree. ha. yeah so gil left at about 10 and emily spent the night. on wednesday emily left at like 11 and dennis and me just watched tv all day in my basement. it seems really boring but i love him and i just wanted to be with him. then on thursday emily came over and all of us went to vienna inn for lunch. i had grilled cheese. yum. then we dropped emily off at home and dennis and i came back to my house and watched a bunch of movies for the rest of the day. on friday i woke up at 815 and drove to richmond with dennis and went out to lunch. then he left. and i was sad. it sucks because i won't see him for a long time now. grrrr. so then i went home and raked leaves with my mom and my brother in the back yard. after that i went to rachel's and we went to fair oaks. i bought a pair of pants from ae, a new poster, a shirt from hollister that i will never wear and rachel bought me my atreyu shirt for christmas. then i went back to her house and hung out for awhile. then nick came over and we went to her neighbors for about 5 minutes and came back to rachel's house and went downstairs and watched old school. then after the movie we went to rachel's room and just hung out. oh yeah, happy new year. then nick left and i talked on the phone with dennis for about an hour. then i went to sleep because i was tired. in the morning i went home and now here i am writing in my livejournal. i have no life. hehe. later im going to hang out with hunter or emily. i simply can not choose. i do know that i am spending the night at emily's so that should be fun. well im going to go now. kbye.

happy 6th months on the 6th of january.

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HEYTOMMOROW'SXMAS [24 Dec 2004|11:29am]



JUST NO. [18 Dec 2004|11:21pm]
[ mood | mad at myself. ]

i have been thinking a lot lately and it has been making me kind of upset with myself. i was thinking back to all the good times me and you used to share and how i loved it. then other things happened and i feel that i have been one of the biggest bitches to you. i love how you are always thinking poistive and how you care for you brother and your cats. there are so many things going on in your life and you're thinking of all the poisitive things in life and that makes me so happy for you. i just wish you know how sorry i am for always being the bad one in our past relashionship. i am so mad at myself. i just want you to know that i'm sorry for screwing up and that i'm always going to be there for you. i know that you and i arn't really friends anymore; mainly for the way that i have acted, but i have always wanted me and you to just sit down and talk about our troubles. i really don't want you out of my life even though i'm sure you want me out of yours. god. i can be such an ass sometimes. i fucking hate myself for doing that to you. i just want to be friends with you again shawn. :(. i'm sorry.

tonight sucked ass.
so i went to hunter's house.
hung out.
and sat.
and left for ultrazone.
which by the way i wasted 11 bucks for one game.
i hate when i do that.
ugh. my mom was supposed to pick me up at 1130.
but i was really thinking and kind of mad at myself so i left.
now i'm home drinking some redbull and feeling shitty.

i hate this.


dancedancedance// [10 Dec 2004|10:22pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

so today was the 2nd or 3rd school dance. i don't know. but this dance was better then the others that i have been to. so sara, kiran and betsy were all like "EILEEN CAN I KISS YOU?" and i was like.. um.. uh.. maybe some other time. it was funny though. so me and sara and betsy were dancing with eachother and joe comes behind me and i'm like. hi joe. bye joe. haha. it was funny. joe's so great. the only sad thing about the dance though is that emily and patrick broke up. and he broke up with her for some other girl at our school who's name i shall not say. SHE STOLE MY MOTHER FUCKING FRIES. haha emily. so after the dance emily walked home with me and then about 10 minutes later ANDREW came. he's so cool. but he left about an hour and a half later because his dad was making him go to this wrestling sort of thing. then after he left, my mom took me and emily to tacobell [like every friday] and then we went to hang outside of vcc. it was kinda cold, but it's ok. i saw GIL(!!!). he's so rad. so then after emily and i finished eating our tacobell, MYLA(mina to me), KYLIE & CRYSTAL came. we decided to walk to starbux. and i got a good drink. i just don't know what it's called. then when we were about to leave to go to outback to meet up with zach and anothony, they were across the street so we were like screaming and shit. it was fun. then we went back into starbux because zach wanted something. then they decided to go to mcdonalds like forever away, but me, kylie and anna decided just to stay back. so we went back to vcc and just chilled and talked about kylie's times when she went on vacation and how some chick got hit by a car and kylie helped her [her name was lisa]. eventually emily came back and her dad picked us up and took me home.. i got pics.

CLICKY;;;CLICKYCollapse )</p>

[06 Dec 2004|04:34pm]
i'm at emilys. i schL0VE her. happy 5 months dennis<3

ME&&EMILYAT50.Collapse )


[30 Nov 2004|04:14pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

Try This: write ten statements intended towards 10 different people but never told them it was about them, or would never be able to say it to their face or something you wish u would have said, but didn't.

1. i told you that you looked like a rat, but inside i was just jealous. mwaha. last year we made the coolest little pictures in science 7th period. we decorated them so they were decked out man. <3

2. i just met you this year and you are like a sister to me. i love how we can scream down the halls and yell out ghaundi or holllla. you come from hickville alabama. but it`s ok. your brother is hawt. haha.

3. you`re one of the coolest guys i know. we have so much in common and i love that we are both sycic. it really sucks that we go to two different schools but next year we get to go to the same one. i can`t wait :)

4. i`ve known you since the third grade and i can`t wait until next year. we are going to have so much fun. we have so many inside jokes and no one else really gets them. and they shouldn`t. i miss skittles at the movies with you seeing the matrix. haha. PINKY. never get in fights. well we do. but we resolve them with our pinky. i love you to death;;; bbfeaeatwd. we love family guy and this saturday is our date and i`ll get to wear my spanky pants. mwahaha

5. i met you in middle school and i love that you are my best friend. you`re are so cool, even if you try over and over again to steal my pink livestrong bracelet. i broke yours. mwaha. you have the cutest face ever. you`re one of the only guys at thoreau that i can really call my best friend.

6. i love you so much. you mean absolutely everything to me. even though you live 3 hours away, seeing you is the greatest feeling in the world. i love you so much. and i miss you and i wish i could see you everyday.

7. oh wow. i really do not like you. you need to go get run over or something because you are one of those kind of people that REALLY piss me off. you think you are so much better then everyone and i just want you out of my life.

8. wow. you are defintly one hot boy. me and my friend are pretty much obsessed with you DR. haha kylie, emily, rachel, everyone loves you!!!

9. we used to be really close friends. and i miss that because you were such a nice person and i now you have changed.. for the worse.. i hate it. i hate you. i hate everything about you.

10. burning your nails to staying up to 4 in the am watching all of those movies. i know that you have been through a lot and i love you so much for keeping in there and fighting through the bad times. bf4L.

If you know which one is you, take a guess :)


[23 Nov 2004|10:31pm]
[ mood | shocked ]

for the past hour; i've been searching around the internet. looking for christmas presents for some of my friends. so im getting gil this. because he asked for it : )

he like loves that shirt. i have no clue what im going to get everyone else. tell me if you want something and ill think about getting it for you. only if you're nice to me. :) yeah so early dismissal tomorrow. yay. oh and andrew barksdale is going to start going thoreau(!!!) YAY. he is one cool man. oh and i also get my new cat tomorrow. it's name is will and he's all black. he's so cute. i love him. i also love dennis. and gil wont get me and atreyu shirt because one of his friends likes them. fucker. jk. yeah well ill go buy another one for myself. whore :)

[18 Nov 2004|07:48pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

wow;; today was such a good day. the only good thing DURING school was probally in 5th because of emily. she fell out of her chair for some reason and almost knocked over mrs. harriosons camerea. it was the shit. so after school i stayed after in joe's old math teachers class and just did my homework and stuff and then we went to the cafeteria to wait for his bus and so i accidently kicked him in the nuts (on accident) and so he was like laying in the grass. and so me and jessica tried getting him up. and he wouldn't. so we stole his shoe. and then he finally got up and then.. and then.. HE TACKELED ME(!!!) haha and so i was acting all mad and i was like "friends dont hurt friends" and he felt really bad. haha it was so funny. and then andrew came and hung out with us. and then my mom came and picked me up for BASKETBALL PRACTICE. that was fun. we have like this chick that goes to marshall as our coach. she seems nice. yeah so trisha, allison, carolyn, erin, jenna, RACHEL DAUL and some other people are on my team. so i think we're going to have a good team this year. haha except for trisha. cuz she has never played. mwhahaha. just kidding.


[16 Nov 2004|09:51pm]
[ mood | amused ]

the only irritating thing that has taken place in school are those black t-shirts. you know, the ones that are black with white lettering that say something along the lines of "i've lost myself, if found please return to owner", or some ridiculous shit like that. can we say white trash? because i can.
just incase you're not sure what i'm talking about, this is what i mean:


health-worked on our projects. haha me and emily are doing spider bites.
civics-took notes. i got a lollpop for answering a question right. cuz im smart.
science-mrs lunger is starting to act like mrs.moses. she always yells at us now.
-lunch-the whole time joe was trying to steal my livestrong bracelet. he got it. but i got it back
english-i dont really remember what we did in that class. but it was boring
chorus-watched another movie because mrs. harrison was out again.
power literacy-went on the computer with joclyn
math-had a sub. and she was mean. and gave us a bunch of worksheets.


[11 Nov 2004|06:15pm]
[ mood | bored ]

blood streaming from the palms of my feet
i'll bring the heavens down screaming with me.

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